Palangkaraya is the capital of Central Kalimantan province. Palangkaraya is situated in the upstream region of the Kahayan river. Palangkaraya is inhabited by about 100,000 people, and has  two districts, Pahandut and Bukitbatu. Pahandut is being developed more then Bukitbaru.  As the Capital of the province, Palangkaraya can be easily reached from Jakarta, Surabaya, Banjamasin, Samarinda, Balikpapan and other points on the island.

Tour Destination :
Palangkaraya, Kaja Island, Mt. Tangkiling, Tahai Lake, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Main Interest & Things to do :
The Regional Museum has collections of historical and cultural interest, including Samples of Dayak art  architecture in the form of miniature sandungs and patahu, also samples of the local crafts of Central Kalimantan can be found.
Mt. Tangkiling lies north of Palangkaraya. Small rivers flow through the reserve. Orangutans and wild life can be spot easy at Kaja Island, in combination with traditional Dayak culture.

Gohong Rawai is known for its beautiful and challenging rapids. Suitable for adventurers, white-water rafters and nature lovers.
In Bukit Rawi, north of Palangkaraya, in the upper reaches of the Kahayan river, are a sandung and a sapunduk, wooden structures in which the ashes of the dead are kept. Sapunduk is a statue which serves as pillar. 
Cruise the Rungan River to Kaja Island ( Pulau Kaja ), where we can spot the orangutans from the river side, at Nyaru Menteng arboretum we got information of the rehabilitation process of these wildlife creatures.

The longhouse in Buntoi is about 100 years old. which is located in the downstream Kahayan River area, and can be reached from Banjarmasin or Palangkaraya. The trip takes one full day. Pantar and Sandung statues are found in front of the longhouse.
The longhouse at Tumbang Malahui, in the Rungan district, the length of the house is 30 meters. The walls are made of tree bark, and the pillar is called bakas or sulung. A sandang statue is found in front of the house.

The place can be reached from Palangkaraya overland up to Tangkiling, then over the river to Timbering Jatuh, Rungan district. Then continue to Timbering Malahui, which takes two hours. A trip from Tangkiling to Timbering Jatuh, takes 10 hours by klotok boat. The same trip takes three hours by speedboat. banama
Lake Melawen is near Buntok, small motorboats are available for sailing or fishing.
The longhouse of Makonjun in Makonjun village, can be reached by motorboat from Muarateweh in two hours. The longhouse was built about 100 years ago and is more then 100 meters long.